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Staniless Steel Lab Faucet (WJH0531B)

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1. It adopts the ceramic and sealed structure; It can be used for 500, 000times without any leakage; It has also the merits of heat and corrosive resistance non-toxics, and safety. 2. High grade stainless steel; Gloss exquisite polished; Corrosive and heat resistance; Anti ultraviolet radiation. 3. The water outlet nozzle is able to turn in 360° ; It can be used in any direction. 4. The nozzle can be removed and cleaned; It has also the function of reducing the water pressure. A spatter proof filter can be connected to it. 5. The handle is made of high-density PP materials. It conforms to the design of the ergonomics, handles comfortable. And it is easy to operate. 6. The suitable water pressure at the inlet water is 0.9-1.2Mpa; The test pressure is 1.6Mpa.


Hebei Runwangda