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Removable Sprayer& Eyewash

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Removable Sprayer& EyeWash 1. Design figure according to golden proportion, the go-cart is humanistic design, the vehicle stand can be adjusted up and down, and the bottom has two direction wheels, so it can move conveniently. 2. Eye wash sprayer head can spray low-pressure water like fog, when it is free, it can be placed to the vehicle stand. 3. The tailor-made injector in the vehicle stand, it is convenient to use, the flux can be adjusted, water state from column to brume. 4. The on-off valve of eye-washing, the handle imitate the hand, so it is comfortable and convenient, when it is free, it can be placed to the vehicle stand. 5. The goods box with lid, it hangs in the vehicle stand, the eye wash fluid and the other goods can be laid in. 6. The tank can accumulate 35litre water, it has a big water gap, and two filters are installed to assure the purity of water. 7. The leathern duct can be rolled in leathern duct stand to hang in vehicle stand, when it is using, the leathern can be drew out conveniently. 8. Sundries box: The eye wash fluid and the other tools can be laid in the sundries box. 9. Installed with intelligent high pressure water pump, placed with accumulator in the water tank bottom, not to used adding the lube. 10. Only having the single electrical source jack, avoiding the wrong operating. 11. When operating, only to gently press the switch, it will act immediately, when it is unused only to close the switch. 12. Water tank shower eye wash, not to use installing with pipeline. It spray water within 1second when open it, theABS sprayer head is very resistant to most chemical, the water can hold 15minutes, and the removable sprayer head can spray freely. 13. It can be used in the field of the chemical, chemistry industry, semi-conductor, metallurgy, electron, and machine etc., scientific research field, etc.


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