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Remote Gas Flux Control Valve (WJH0754)

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1. It adopts the ceramic and sealed structure; it can be used for 500,000times without any leakage; it has also the merits of heat and corrosive resistance non-toxics, and safety.
2. Thickened brass; high-density epoxy coating; corrosive and heat resistance; UV fading.
3. The handle is made of high-density PP materials. It conforms to the design of the ergonomics, handles comfortable. And it is easy to operate.
* Performance Characteristic: 1. Thick copper materials, the high brightness epoxy resin coating, anti-corrosive, is heat-resisting, guards against the ultraviolet ray radiation. 2. The valve adopts the helix seals that resisting high pressure, the easy of operation, and the seal is reliable. 3. Switches knobs use the high density PP material quality, conforms to human engineering the design, feel is comfortable.


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