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Combination Foot Treadle Spray Eye Wash

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COMBINATION FOOT TREADLE SPRAYEYEWASH 1. The spray eye washer is made of the 304 stainless steel. It accord with the special Environment of semiconductor etc. 2. The sprayer head & shield dust cap is made of ABS, firm and portable, high resistant Chemical. 2. The eye washer can be used of cleaning eyes, face and hands; The spray washer can be Use of washing the body. The eye washer and spray shower can be used at the same time, Also separately. 3. Switch of the spray shower is controlled by the top of the handle; The flow is steady And ample. Valve-switch controls the flux of eye wash. 4. Height of the bowl is condign, double water bore is humanistic design, the height and Angle design is according to the proportion of the face. 5. The outlet bore of water supply has been dealt with, make the water more mild, in Order to protect the eyes from being harmed. 6. In case of emergency, the foot treadle added, in order to made the hands free, so it is More convenient. 7. Drain directly, the used water flows directly through the tube, which connect to the Bowl, so it hasn't polluter. 8. On the base of the emergency grade in the local, can add the alarms, when to operate The on-off, it is active, to put in mind of the others.


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