A removable single-nozzle eye wash is a type of eye wash station that includes a single, removable nozzle. This type of eye wash station is typically used in areas where a permanent, wall-mounted eye wash station may not be feasible or practical. The removable eye wash nozzle is connected to a flexible hose that is attached to a water supply line, allowing the user to direct the flow of water to the affected eye. This type of eye wash station is often used in laboratories, workshops, and other hazardous areas where a more permanent eye wash station is not practical.

More options:
1.Desk/wall mounted available
2.Single/double spray head(s) available
3.Bottle wash available

Single / Double Spray Head Removable Nozzle Eye Wash,Deck-mounted drench eyewash Specifications

Body  Solid brass
Coating  High gloss thick plating coating, resistant to chemicals,UV fading and heat
Spray head  Soft rubber,softend water spray for eye protection
Dust cap  PP materials,removed automatically when eye wash is operated
Switch  Automatic trigger locking for easy hand-free use
Valve  None-return valve,shut off automatically
Hose  Length 1.4m,PVC with stainless steel wire braided
Max.working pressure  7 Bar